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5 Happiness-Inducing Practices to Spark Joy in Your Post-COVID Life...Starting Now

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Recommended Reading

I reference this excellent book by Sonja Lyubomirsky frequently in my posts. I listened to it on Audible and then purchased the book. That's my copy on the right! 


You get easy to follow science for sustaining long-term happiness. It offers research-backed findings that you can then apply in your own life.


The audiobook is read by Sonja herself and I found it quite interesting.

The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor is chock full of information which he outlines in seven principles. 

While Shawn's book tends toward approaching happiness at work or in business, it is quite interesting because we can easily apply the research findings he shares in our own lives.


On Audible, Shawn reads the book and he sprinkles in his own experiences and bits of humor. I enjoyed listening to it. 

Just for you!

Happy Freebies




by Vickie Mirano


Download Your Free Sample of our Girl Boss Motivational

Daily, Weekly, & Annual Undated Planner.  


I created this planner after searching for a fun and motivational planner that was feminine & helped me to track what I needed to get done for my busy professional and personal life! It's meant to encourage, motivate, support & inspire you! I hope you like it. 😍



by Vickie Mirano


Download this Free Sample of our HappyMnd

Love-Driven Goals Worksheet.


I created this worksheet after searching for a fun, feminine, and motivational worksheet that made achieving my goals an inspiring and happy-ness-inducing process!

I hope you love it. 😍

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